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I have OCD.  Obsessive Computer Disorder.  If something’s wrong with my computer, it’s like a raspberry seed stuck between my teeth.  I worry it and worry it and worry it until it’s not there anymore.  Latest example:  I lost my google search bar.  Not a big deal, you might say.  Except to me.  The google search bar is my window to the world wide web.  It also has my bookmarks that I use most frequently.  With the toolbar gone, navigating the web and doing things I do often became very complicated.  So, I futzed with it, jammed it, reloaded an reinstalled Firefox.  Upgraded to FireFox Beta 4.4.  Unloaded that.  Round and round.  Clicked off my add-on’s one by one.  Nothing.

Finally, I uninstalled all my add-ons.  Ah, relief.  But.  It took the better part of a day.  No, really.  A day.  Geez.

Still, when the google tool bar reappeared, I threw up my hands.  Yes!  Victory.

Now I can get back to my life.

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