10 Best Lists of 10 Best…

Winter                                                         Full Moon of the Winter Solstice

We have passed the tipping point now.  Though the nights continue long for another 3 or 4 days, we begin to gain back light, a few minutes at a time.  This is a slow process and accounts for much of winter’s length.  Those of us who love the winter find this good news; those who don’t, often head south about now.

This is also a time period when newspapers fill up with the ten top stories, ideas, pictures, sporting events.  A time of lists that attempt to summarize a year, or, in this case, sometimes a decade.  I’ve seen many so far and I enjoy them, always weighing the writers choices against my own, wondering what possessed them to add, say youth condoms, to a list of the year’s 10 best ideas (NYT).

It’s a fun game and I intend to play, too.  Perhaps with my 10 favorite works of art, 10 favorite gardening and bee-keeping moments, 10 favorite family events, maybe my 10 favorite political moments, movies, poems.  I don’t know.  Still mulling, but look for something here before the end of the year.

BTW:  The Thaw Collection of Native American Masterpieces ends on January 9th and Embarrassment of Riches ends on January 2nd.  These are both excellent shows and if you haven’t seen them, I recommend them both.