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    Winter                             Waxing Moon of Long Nights

    A soupy day with chicken noodle soup finished, a leek broth made and a leek and potato soup within 10 minutes of being done.  It requires some finish work, in this case using an immersion blender.  I used 5 pounds of leeks and 5 pounds of potatoes, so we’ll have this soup for some time.  It freezes well, or so the internet material suggests.

    Sad news about our potatoes and carrots.  We had our potatoes, a large crop, in the garage stairwell.  Since our garage has insulation, the stairwell usually stays above freezing in the winter, just right for potatoes.  When we had the cold snap though, the snowblower bay garage door stuck open unbeknown to either of us.  They froze.  After freezing, it turns out, potatoes just don’t seem all that edible.  So, no potatoes.  A lesson for next year.

    Lesson number 2.  You can leave carrots in the ground until it freezes.  After that you can’t get to them.  Seems obvious enough, but it slipped past my attention.  Carrot compost in the carrot bed now.

    Some learning curves are steeper than others.  I would sure hate to have learned these lessons on my homestead on the prairie.  Lessons like these could have been fatal.