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In and As a Stream of DNA

52  bar falls 30.02  1mph ENE dew-point 48   sunrise  6:38  set  7:44 Waxing Crescent of the Harvest Moon   rise 12:00  set  9:27 Escallop Shell – One who has made long journeys or voyages to far countries, who had … Continue reading

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Back In Its Own Stall

79  bar falls 29.84 1mph ENE dew-point 61   Summer, hot, moving toward muggy Waxing Crescent of the Thunder Moon The cracks in the red car’s head were tiny.  I saw them.  They ran, in one instance, down the threads that … Continue reading

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Oh Geez

69  bar rises 29.86  4mph N dew-point 54  Summer, mild and sunny Waning Crescent of the Flower Moon Whoa.  The Sierra Club has a lot of paper.  The political committee has several documents online that relate directly to its work, … Continue reading

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63  bar rises 29.95  0mph NNE  dew-point 54  Summer, night and cool                            Waning Gibbous Flower Moon Back home.  The corn is past knee high; the garlic has finished its growth; the tomato plants that began from heritage seeds have … Continue reading

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A Summer Meander

                      67 bar steady  29.75  2mph NW  dew-point 53  Beltane, sunny                                            Waxing Gibbous Flower Moon    On the road again.  In under an hour I’m off to hotter, wetter, more flooded climes.  Traveling in the summer has many thing … Continue reading

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Their Lawlessness Got out of Hand

57  bar steep fall 29.94  7mph  ENE dew-point 52  Beltane, cloudy and cool                        Last Quarter of the Hare Moon Can this possibly mean what it says?  “While cities are hot spots for global warming, study finds people in them … Continue reading

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Heart Awhirl

68  bar steady 29.90 1mph NE dew-point 38  Beltane, sunny and warm Waning Gibbous Hare Moon Family business meeting. We’re doing fine in the cash department and in investments, too.  That means Kate will be able to retire when she wants, … Continue reading

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It Will End as a Novel Ends

55  bar steep rise 0mph E dew-point 39  Beltane            Waxing Gibbous Hare Moon Kate cleared a bunch of dogwood canes, pulled up weeds, pruned out a juniper (yesterday), deadheaded the daffodils and generally worked herself into a stupor. (In … Continue reading

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What is a Puggle?

              47  bar rises 29.89 omph N dewpoint 36  Beltane                        Waxing Crescent of the Hare Moon                         A Platypus baby, called, wait for it…a puggle A cool night, again, has fallen.  The garden sleeps, plants need rest, … Continue reading

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Gabe Has Come Home

55  bar falls 29.53  0mph WSW dewpoint 53  Beltane                 New Moon (Hare) Gabe has come home.  He arrived tonight with oxygen and bright lights, but feeding on  his own.  Jon and Jen have met with a hemophilia educator who told … Continue reading

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