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23  bar steep fall 29.90  0mph SE  windchill 22   Winter New Moon (Wolf Moon) Vikings played well the first half against the Giants.  67 yard touchdown by Adrian Peterson.  Yeah. Order in to Seed Savers.  Baker Creek next. A sunny, … Continue reading

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All These Years

Dream last night.  I walked home, down Monroe Street in Alexandria, Indiana.  A man named Mr. Jones was with me.  His son, Bud, worked in an office tower in downtown NYC.  We walked three blocks to the stretch of Monroe … Continue reading

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Twas the Night

Christmas Eve note -7 on the weather station and no wind.  Santa will have a frigid time here before heading on to the southern states. Watched the movie Hancock tonight with Kate.  Pretty good.  Not great.  Interesting take on superheroes. … Continue reading

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