Snow and Blowing Snow

12  bar steep rise  30.18  W9  windchill 5    Winter

Waxing Crescent of the Wolf Moon

We have had snow and blowing snow most of the day.  Do not know how much right now, but the weather reports indicate as much as 6-10″.  That means snow blowing in the AM before Lois comes to clean the house.

Maybe tonight.  Forgot the trash goes out tonight.  Hmmm.

At 5:30 the webinar (new word I do not like much.  It feels clumsy.) on posting to the StarTribune weather blog set up.  Don’t imagine it will be too tough.

Did my upper body resistance before the call.  Aerobics after.  Yesterday my pulse rate stayed higher longer than usual.  Hope that is not a trend.

Still working on Homecomer, may start writing on New Year’s Day.

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