I’m Tired and I’m Glad to Be Home

1  bar steep fall 30.29  3mph  NE  windchill -1   Samhain

Waning Gibbous Moon of Full Nights

Car news.  Not as bad as I thought, apparently, but the folks can’t assess it well until tomorrow.  Needs a new tire for a test drive.

Got the MIA early.  Kate took me and then went on to the dentist.  I spent a good bit of time with the print collection show then wandered upstairs and sat in the Japanese galleries for a bit.  In the Minnesota Artist’s gallery I tried to connect with both artist’s work, but the level of contrivance seemed high and the level of meaning low.

My tour group was special ed kids.  I thought they would be developmentally delayed, but the issues were something else.  Couldn’t identify them myself.  Their attention was shorter and their ability to abstract very limited.

Drive home in snow and cold.  Still achy from the long day and two hour tour of the Russian Museum show yesterday.

Nap time.

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