Monthly Archives: February 2009

On the Flipside

Imbolc       New Moon (Moon of Winds) Back to the treadmill, as they say. Kate’s home, tired but not in pain.  Yeah. I’ve got a day of study tomorrow, plus some Sierra Club blogging.  More treadmill time.

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Imbolc    New Moon (Moon of Winds) Off the MIA for a textile tour with Anne, then her surprise 60th birthday party at Nye’s Polonaise, the nation’s best bar. Later.

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Gardening in February

Imbolc      New Moon Today will be a gardening day.  How?  I’m going to start seedlings for this year’s garden.  Leeks and a few others have to get a long head start here since our growing season, even in its climate-change … Continue reading

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A Computer Mini

Imbolc     Waning Wild Moon I bought a netbook computer, an HP-mini.  It’s a small thing that fits in the bag I used as a daypack during my Southeast Asia trip.  This mini is the first portable computer I’ve had that … Continue reading

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