A 21st Century Family Circus

Imbolc    Waning Wild Moon

Last week Frank and I headed for Blue Cloud Abbey on Thursday.  It is now the next Sunday.  That’s ten days.  It feels as if the time warped around me and a week somehow got lost in the process.  Learning how to cope with intermitent vertigo has absorbed a lot of physical and mental energy.

It does not surprise me now, or make do something drastic out of fear; but, it does distract me and drains energy.  I imagine that will lessen with experience.  At some point, it should recede completely.  I’ll be glad.

Our grand-daughter, Ruth, is three.  She asks her parents to talk to Minnesota Grandma then refuses to come to the computer.  A real 21st century family circus.  She’s a cutey, but she has a stubborn streak.  Yes, it’s part of being three, but it’s also part of being a Johnson.  Trust me on this one.

All this technology has changed our lives in ways subtle and obvious and has done so in a short period of time, less than 20 years:  cell phones, personal computers and the internet, applications to link us with loved ones faraway, even overseas.  I have a wireless weather station and a programmable treadmill.

Coming to consciousness after a subliminal ten days.  Bye for now.

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