Monthly Archives: July 2009

Weeds. Less.

Summer                             Waxing Green Corn Moon The majority of the weeds that were in the clover now lie baking in the afternoon sun.  This hand pulling of weeds is a chore, but it has its satisfactions.   Not having to do it … Continue reading

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Barking Dogs

Summer                     Waxing Green Corn Moon Oh, oh.  The neighbor called and said our dogs barked constantly from 3pm to 7pm.  He’s home all the time now with his m.s.  I empathize with him about barking dogs, even my own, because … Continue reading

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Becoming Native To This Place

Summer                        Waxing Green Corn Moon The next meeting of the Woolly Mammoths will be here in Andover.  That means it’s theme and subject matter time.  The theme will be, Becoming Native to this Place, the title of a book by … Continue reading

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