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The Thinker. The Box.

Samhain                          Waxing Wolf Moon                          Holiseason It’s easy to get stuck in the way we approach problems and problem solving.  That famous box we all want to think outside of only illustrates the consensus that most of would not know the … Continue reading

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Rigel and Vega. Persistence.

Samhain                                        Waxing Wolf Moon Rigel and Vega have remained outside in the woods tonight.  Kate and I got up with flashlights and went outside to find them.  They were back in the southeastern corner worrying something, growling and running around, … Continue reading

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A Day at the Museum

Samhain                                Waxing Wolf Moon Long day at the museum.  Two tours, 2 hours apart.  Just got home.  Today was just ok.  Nothing amazing, just solid trooping through the masterpieces and their attendant objects. It was good to see fellow docents, … Continue reading

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Woolly Mammoths Meet

Samhain                                        New (Wolf) Moon Woollies tonight at Scott’s.  The usual delicious food by Yin and Moon in the Simpson Museum of Chinese and Buddhist antiquities complemented an evening spent in a decisive rejection of a non-judgmental life-style.  While we appreciated … Continue reading

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