Woolly Mammoths Meet

Samhain                                        New (Wolf) Moon

Woollies tonight at Scott’s.  The usual delicious food by Yin and Moon in the Simpson Museum of Chinese and Buddhist antiquities complemented an evening spent in a decisive rejection of a non-judgmental life-style.  While we appreciated the sense behind Scott’s exercise, the bulk of us (Tom, Frank, Mark, Bill and me) felt judging is a human activity and one we cannot eliminate, but for which we must take responsibility.

In other news Scott’s daughter is at this moment in hot water, that is a birthing tub, ready to deliver her child into a watery realm.  Paul and Sarah sold their house and have leased a duplex in Kenwood.  Mark and Elizabeth will spend January, February and part of March in Puerto Vallarte, though Mark has an expense paid flight to Bangkok in February for the opening of his sex and the single teen exhibit there.  Tom and Roxann leave soon for twelve days in Hawai’i where they will stay in the Inn at Mama’s Fish House on Maui’s North Shore.  Paul flies soon to Melbourne to deliver a lecture at the World Parliament of Religions, Strangers into Neighbors.  The rest of us will be at home for the holidays.

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