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Tech Savvy Milbank

Imbolc                                          Waning Bridgit Moon        Blue Cloud Abbey Since I plan to spend most of my time writing, I brought one of my split keyboards which make typing much easier for me.  Only thing.  It had an old fashioned pin style … Continue reading

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Obits Optimists

Imbolc                                                                       Waning Bridgit Moon The most optimistic page in the newspaper?  The obituaries.  Every day and especially on Sundays I see evidence of the hopefulness and optimism of Minnesota citizens.  I imagine it’s the same everywhere.  With no evidence for … Continue reading

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Union, Yes

Imbolc                                                              Waning Bridgit Moon This week had a lot of Latin time.  I made it through ten lines of Diana and Actaeon which Greg and I discussed at length during my tutoring session today.  I need to pay more attention … Continue reading

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Imbolc                                                  Waning Bridgit Moon Sheepshead tonight.  I took in honey for Ed, Dick, Roy and Bill plus honeycake that Kate made from our honey.  Artemis Hives honors the ancient Greek Goddess of the hunt who also had honeybees within her … Continue reading

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Nix Still Comes Down…Geesh

Imbolc                                                       Waning Bridgit Moon This has been a nix two-day event.  The Woolly’s, for the first time I recall, canceled.  Too little parking around Charlie Haislet’s condo. The days events scattered around me, I never quite got traction, feel a … Continue reading

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Nix Still Comes Down

Imbolc                                                                      Waning Bridgit Moon Boy did we get the snow.  Don’t know how much, but it sure piled up in the driveway.  Up to the top of my Sorels when I retrieved the paper. Business meeting this morning.  Still reconnoitering … Continue reading

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