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Boomers Crashing on the Beach

Spring                                                        Waning Bloodroot Moon “The only source of knowledge is experience.” -Albert Einstein I’m not sure I completely agree with Einstein, since I would give abstract thought the potential for creating knowledge, too; but, it is true that without experience … Continue reading

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Bush Is a Cylon

Spring                                                                      Waning Bloodroot Moon Bush is a Cylon. (bumper sticker) Either you get it or you don’t.  An artifact from the last administration and a vanished TV drama. Toured some kids today from Ramsey, students at the PACT charter school.  … Continue reading

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Walking Toward the Bomb

Spring                                                           Waning Bloodroot Moon Last night, in conversation with Bill Schmidt, cybermage and nuclear engineer, the Sheepshead group turned to Fukushima.  Bill built an identical plant on the west side of Honshu, across the sea of Japan from Korea.  That … Continue reading

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Travel Agent? C’est moi.

Spring                                                      Waning Bloodroot Moon As travel agent for our house, I make reservations, check on them, plan itineraries and handle changes to travel plans.  Like several of my domestic responsibilities I have these duties because of misspent time over the … Continue reading

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There and Back Again

Spring                                         Waning Bloodroot Moon My usual method of travel is mosey.  I like slow travel, paying attention to the countryside and stopping when an interesting site shows up.  I’ve never understood the folks who drive straight through, as if travel … Continue reading

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Go West, Old Man

Spring                                                        Waning Bloodroot Moon Tomorrow I take off for Lincoln, Nebraska to pick up our two grand-dogs, Sollie and Gertie.  They will stay with us while Jon and Jen’s house has renovation work done, adding another room, a new roof, … Continue reading

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Ovid and Me

Spring                                                               Waning Bloodroot Moon The Latin work has gone past difficult learning, though there is still that, too, into a different, almost ecstatic place.  Reading the words of another language and making sense, poetry, from them still seems magical to … Continue reading

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I Want To Like Nuclear Power

Spring                                                                                    Waning Bloodroot Moon Japan.  Nuclear power.  Climate change.  Not a pretty picture.  I don’t know about others, but I want to like nuclear power.  Its non-carbon emitting energy production has a potential role in staving off the worst effects … Continue reading

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Our Own, Original Relation to the Earth

Spring                                                            Waning Bloodroot Moon I’ve discovered an analogy between translation and science.  Coming to a premature conclusion about the meaning of a passage causes chopping and cramping to fit meanings, declensions and conjugations into the preconceived notion.  The better way … Continue reading

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