Tracks in the Snow

Written By: Charles - Mar• 01•11

Imbolc                                       Waning Bridgit Moon

Whew.  Just got back from snowshoeing to the ridge crest, leaving from from a side door in the Monastery’s east side.  Along the way I came upon other tracks, rabbit and deer I recognized, but one large tubbs-snowshoes-altitude-36_280609708106print I did not.  Can’t imagine what it could have been though it looked like bear to me.

I used to snowshoe every morning for my aerobic workout, a few years ago now.  In fact, I worked at it so hard that I ripped a boot mount off the base of the snowshoe.  That stopped me that year.  I’ve never really gotten back to it.  Felt good.

So far today about 4,300 words.  A better than normal day at home, by about a factor of two, so I think this concentrated time will pay off.  I’m learning how to work away from home.  Not expert at it yet by any means.  I left two chapters at home, late ones.  I don’t know how I missed them, but I’m working around that just fine.

Working on the yellow pad is less stressful on the arms than using the keyboard on my knees.  That’s a plus.  So is the quiet and the lack of interruption.  On the downside.  No Kate.  No dogs.  Not my bed.

It has already got me back in the traces.  What I wanted.

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