Writing on Yellow Pads

Written By: Charles - Mar• 01•11

Imbolc                                Waning Bridgit Moon

After all the effort last night to acquire a new keyboard, I decided this morning to start writing on yellow pads.  I’ve never written a book this way, but I wanted to try it.  Don’t know how many words, but I filled 4 and a half pages this morning.

I’m not sure there’s much difference for me since I type as fast as I write, but it is easier with this chair that I have here.  Much better on the back and eyes.

Breakfast and dinner are in silence.   I asked Brother Benet about the rationale for silence.  He thought for a while, “Tradition.”  He said they used to read at lunch, too, but stopped that a while ago.  We talked about monastics for a while.

He mentioned getting over to Aberdeen.  I might just do that.  It’s about 80 miles he said.  Have to see how the writing goes.

The computer gets turned off now.  I have to nap, yes, but more than that the electricity will be turned for half an hour, Brother  Paul said, “At least that’s what I’m expecting.”

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