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Impish and Knowing

Spring                                                               Waning Bee Hiving Moon Talked to the grandkids on Skype.  Gabe’s linguistics have made a jump and Ruthie seems to have rocketed past the early years of childhood and landed in an elementary school body.  Jen went to crossfit … Continue reading

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So, Why Get Up At 4 AM?

Spring                                                 Waning Bee Hiving Moon As the bee hiving moon fades to black, it makes way for the last frost moon.  Our last frost up in the northern exurbs of the Twin Cities comes somewhere between May 15 and May … Continue reading

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Cruise Diary: April 29

Spring                                                                                          Waning Bee Hiving Moon October 16th.  That’s, let’s see, 5 and 1/2 months from now.  On that day, Kate and I will set out, from the port of New York, for Rio de Janerio by way of Colombia, the … Continue reading

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Gooseberries and Bees

Spring                                                                                 Waning Bee Hiving Moon Yet more work on Missing this morning.  Still at play in the Winter Forest, up in the Dark Range, around the shores of Lake Arcas and on the waters of the Winter Sea.  It is … Continue reading

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In A World Far Away

Spring                                                                   Waning Bee Hiving Moon Spent the day in the world I’ve created, Tailte, a sister world to earth, but separated by several thousand light years.  It’s strange to spend time there, a place that exists only in my mind, … Continue reading

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Using Tech Tools

Spring                                                Waning Bee Hiving Moon This morning Kate and I had our weekly business meeting.  Those Amazon books add up.  We’re well into the first growing season with Kate retired.  It makes the whole process seem less urgent, more manageable … Continue reading

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Baby Leeks Leave Home For The Raised Beds

Spring                                                                 Waning Bee Hiving Moon Beets and leeks.  Carrots and spinach.  Lettuce and kale.  Sugar snap peas and sugar peas.  Garlic from last year.  Strawberries and raspberries.  A few missed onions.  Rhubarb.  Asparagus?  We’ve got green things above ground, not … Continue reading

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