Baby Leeks Leave Home For The Raised Beds

Spring                                                                 Waning Bee Hiving Moon

Beets and leeks.  Carrots and spinach.  Lettuce and kale.  Sugar snap peas and sugar peas.  Garlic from last year.  Strawberries and raspberries.  A few missed onions.  Rhubarb.  leeksAsparagus?  We’ve got green things above ground, not far above ground, with the exception of the mighty rhubarb, but we have germination and lift out.

The bee yard has bees coming and going, busy doing what bees need to do at this time of year. They flit in and around with purpose and energy.  We were all working outside today.

It felt good to have Mark here helping, a sort of family experience.  A bit unusual in my life, but good.

When I transplanted the leeks the other day, I was proud of them.  A month ago they were just seeds in the packets from Seed Savers Exchange outside Decorah, Iowa and here they were, well underway in life, ready to go outside and grow in the wide world.  There are tomato plants still growing inside along with some kale and chard.  They won’t go until the last frost date is past, May 15 or May 20 depending on whose map you read.  Other things will get planted then, too.  Beans, in particular.  Cucumbers.

Today when I dug a trench to re-seat the irrigation head near our back deck, unearthed by Vega and Rigel two seasons ago, I got the trench finished and Gertie plopped herself right in it.  It was cool, she said, thanks.  I shooed her out of the trench and she got up willingly, only to lie down on the mound of earth removed.  Which, of course, I wanted to put back in the trench.  She looked up at me with a smile, sand bedecking the hair hanging below her mouth.

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