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Graphic Design

Mid-Summer                                                                             Waning Garlic Moon Started my History of Graphic Design class last night.   The guy teaching it has a solo design practice after working first for Larson, then a smaller advertising company. The class consists of four women, all working … Continue reading

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A Reunion

Mid-Summer                                                                                              Waning Garlic Moon As the garlic moon wanes, the leaves of the garlic plants begin to brown from the bottom up.  When half of them are brown, I’ll pull a couple to see how they’re progressing.  I plant more … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

Mid-Summer                                                                                                   Waning Garlic Moon “God has no religion.” – Mahatma Gandhi If there is one, Gandhi has it right. Another day of Latin.  This stuff, at least right now, is hard.  It requires holding several different ideas in the head … Continue reading

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Take Action Against Sulfide Mining Exploratory Drilling

Mid-Summer                                                                      Waning Garlic Moon This is part of a note I sent to the Forest Service about issuing permits for exploratory drilling in Northeastern Minnesota.  You can take part by clicking: “Please accept these comments on the Federal Hardrock Mineral … Continue reading

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Bee and Garden Diary

Mid-Summer                                                                                          Waning Garlic Moon Today I performed partial hive box reversals in all three colonies.  The second hive box of three gets rotated to the bottom and the first or bottom box rotates up to take its place.  This means … Continue reading

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What Is It With Minnesota?

Mid-Summer                                                                   Waning Garlic Moon I live in Minnesota.  A state that has made me proud to be its citizen over and over again.  So.  Why is that the most mind-dulled adherent to the no-new taxes pledge, a blow-dried white guy … Continue reading

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Communitarianism No Longer In Fashion

Mid-Summer                                                                          Waning Garlic Moon Today is a bee day, with reversals and hive inspections.  In reversals hive boxes get shuffled to keep the queen working in the bottom hive box and so the colony feels there is plenty of room, … Continue reading

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Practice Safe Orcharding

Mid-Summer                                                                  Waning Garlic Moon Spent yesterday relaxing after an unusually busy week.  I wasn’t home for supper the first four nights.  I like the connectedness and sense of agency I get when the days get busy, but I also appreciate … Continue reading

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The Solstice of Summer: 2011

Mid-Summer                                                                    Waning Garlic Moon A favorite website of mine, Pip Wilson’s Almanac, comes out of Australia and reminded me of this illustration with his cheery, Happy Winter Solstice.  Yes, indeed, cross the equator and the seasons switch, while we have … Continue reading

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