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So, this guy has this dog.  He puts up an electric fence to stop the dog.  The dog jumps up on the fence, standing as a mountain goat, all four feet together, on the electric fence and the wooden top rail.  She’s laughing at me.  It’s another episode in the long running series, Are You Smarter Than A Three-Year Old Dog?  Up to this point, apparently not.

Gertie is a special case, a special needs dog, only I don’t know what her needs are.  Why does she need to be in the orchard?  No clue.  Why does she snarl at strangers?  Territoriality I imagine, but what would make her back off?  Don’t know.  She seems to have a hair trigger with the other dogs.  Why?  I’m hoping it was partly (mostly) induced by Sollie, her male companion for the last two years.

I’ve put up a run of bamboo fence and two pieces of corrugated metal roofing material.  Working so far.

Tomorrow I’m going to the hardware store and buy material for another shot at this.  This time I’m going to get the plasticized wire I have on top of the fence and run it a couple of inches above the electric fence.  She pulls herself over the fence, but when she does I’m guessing she’s not completing the circuit, so the electric fence is just soft rope. (It has wire woven through it.

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