One Shocking Day

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One more shocking day.  Headed out this morning with Mark to Fleet Farm.  If you’ve not ever encountered Fleet Farm, your life is not complete.  A megastore before there were megastores Fleet Farm carries all that stuff you can’t find anywhere else.  Electric fence supplies in this case.  Yes, my dog barrier creation abilities have been tested once again, this time by new arrival, Gertie.

Gertie is a little dog by our standards, but she’s athletic, so the pull up and belly over the orchard fence proved little challenge for her.  You might think we wouldn’t care if the dogs were in the orchard, but our trees and blueberries have soft earth around them.  There must be an invisible Dig Here sign over each one, for no sooner does a canine enter the orchard (is this sounding a bit garden of edenish?) than soil begins to fly.  At some point, too, the dog encounters netaphim (nope, not seraphim), but a drip irrigation method designed to deliver water just where you want it.  Netaphim is chewy.  OH, Boy! OH, Boy!  Neither one of these activities make the orchard keepers happy.

So, once again, I put up insulators, strung the rope laced with wire, jerry-rigged a gate and joined the whole to the already existing 1,600 feet of electric fence bordering our back yard and now the orchard.  Plugged it back in.

Now we wait for the yelp that will indicate Gertie has learned about Mr. Wire.

Welcome home, Gertie.

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