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A new printer, a laserjet.  Cheaper to operate than the color printers, necessary for producing manuscripts.  I bought one.  I spent a good while setting it up with no luck on the final leg, my print command to the printer.  Frustrated, I let it set for a month or so.  Today I decided to go at it again.

I tried to print something.  Nothing happened.  I expected that.  Went to the HP website and had a bad moment when I wondered if I’d bought a printer that simply couldn’t connect to a Windows 7 operating system.  After a bit of stumbling around, I found that no, I had not done that and that this printer could be made to work with Windows 7.  Which left me back at the original problem.

Instead of calling HP right away, I decided to give the troubleshooting guides one more try.  I put in my printers product number and sure enough, there was a fix for the very problem I’d encountered.  I followed the instructions to change the point and print setting (whatever that is) to disable and tried again.  No joy.

Tired of the process I called HP.  Surprisingly, I got through to tech support with little trouble.  When the nice man from India had walked me through the process for him taking control of my computer to check the problem, he asked me, “What does the printer say right now?”

“Let me look.”  I looked.

That’s odd.  Doesn’t say anything.  Could it be turned off?  No, the on button was pushed in but it had no light.  Hmmm.

Ooops.  I checked the plug.  Not plugged in.  I’d unplugged it before I went to Nebraska a week ago today.  So, I plugged it in, not saying anything to India yet.

It turned on and, sure enough, chugged to life and spit out the test matter I’d sent through it right after I ran the troubleshooter tips.

“Oh,” I said, “Gee.  I didn’t have it turned on and I tried a fix from your website.  Look’s like it worked.”  Chagrin.

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