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Kate’s Inner World

Samain                                                                     Thanksgiving Moon Up and on the road around 5:30 am. Out to Park Adventist Hospital in Littleton for two more imaging studies. The first one, an ultrasound, looked for narrowing of arteries feeding blood to the bowels. If they … Continue reading

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I like this guy

Samain                                                               Thanksgiving Moon Happy to have some good news to report about Jon. Went to his court date yesterday. His inner attitude seems to be shifting away from anger about the divorce (understandable, but not helpful) toward getting on with … Continue reading

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Samain                                                              Thanksgiving Moon Warmer, 31, and cloudy. The waning Thanksgiving Moon lit my morning walk to the loft through a veil of patchy cumulus. The neighbor in the rental put up an inflatable turkey with a pilgrim hat a week … Continue reading

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Jewish Identity

Samain                                                                     Thanksgiving Moon Friend Bill Schmidt sent me this link.  Jewish Identity in America: Assembly Required. He asked if Adam Platt’s thoughts rang true in CBE. Here’s my response: Interesting. First, on Dec. 6th I will join all teachers in … Continue reading

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Blow Hards

Samain                                                                           Thanksgiving Moon Winds. Over 40 mph. Some gusts up to 50. Blew open our front door yesterday. Gertie got out. We’ve had loose dogs only a couple of times in the last four years. This was the first time … Continue reading

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The Day After

Samain                                                                     Thanksgiving Moon Black Friday. Should be a dark observance like so-called Good Friday. But, no. It’s a flood the needy capitalists with your money by pretending to save money on deals that still allow them make even more  money … Continue reading

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Not Your Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving. But, a good one anyhow.

Samain                                                                                  (full) Thanksgiving Moon (N.B. I love vintage images on the web. I’m including here some of the weird ones I found while checking out Thanksgiving.) We put out our best aluminum tins from Tony’s. Mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, sage … Continue reading

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Samain                                                                          Thanksgiving Moon The waxing Thanksgiving Moon has been on daytime display. It stood directly east of us yesterday, splitting the lanes of Highway 6 going into Denver. In the clear blue, baby blue sky it looked like one of … Continue reading

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Not Getting Easier

Samain                                                                       Thanksgiving Moon Learned from Elisa, my astrologer, that the Hebrew word for dog is kelev, like the heart. Lev means heart, not in a physical sense, but as the mind or spirit. Not sure, but kelev might mean something … Continue reading

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