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Gabe and Jon
Gabe and Jon

When it snows, it blizzards. Gabe’s in the hospital, surgery this morning. Appendix out. (late breaking news. Surgery stalled to be sure appendix is the issue.) Come on stars, planets, fate, random chance, whatever the f&*! has descended on this family. I mean, aaarrrgghhh.

I’ll see Gabe later today at University Children’s Hospital, then head over to Dazzle Jazz for an evening with Franny and the Jets. Franny Rubin is the 21 year old daughter of my friends Alan and Cherie Rubin. She has an amazing voice. This is, I think, her debut at Dazzle. Jon may join me.

Kate and Jackie, (Jackie is Groot. Mask off.)

Meanwhile Kate got her hair done, which always gives her a boost. She’s determined to gain weight and eats as much as she can, as often as she can. Her gut may still be upset from all the bad experiences it had over the last month plus. Whatever it is, it’s still tough, even without the nausea, for her to eat easily. Heartburn, roiling tummy. That sort of thing. My sense is that things are slowly, very slowly, improving.

Her stamina is still modest, her weight still way too low. We’ve got the time though and the will. I’m going to concentrate on becoming as good a cook as I can, both to help her find foods she can eat and for the other obvious benefits. Bought a new cookbook, Salt Acid Fat Heat, highly recommended by Michael Pollan. The author, Samin Nosrat, has a short special, four episodes, airing now on Netflix. Worth watching.

The snow yesterday, in the way of the Colorado solar snow shovel, has melted off the driveway, no clearing required. It’s still hanging around on the lodgepoles, mountain sides, yards. Beautiful up here.

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