Just Another Pleasant Valley Sunday

Written By: Charles - Sep• 28•08

55 bar rises 30.09  0mph NEE  dew-point 54  sunrise 7:09  set 6:58   Autumn

New Moon (Blood)

More mulch.  Two more loads.  3 cubic yards.  4.5 total.  This is a lotta mulch, 3 trailer fulls.  The good news is the trailer has not exploded a tire since Wednesday.

The pitchfork is a useful tool and I’m glad to have occasion to use one.

My chicken noodle soup always has a slightly different recipe, but the result tastes good.  Today I left out the carrots and peas (we didn’t have any) and added garlic.  This is a hearty soup, great for cool weather.

Swapped out the nutrient in the hydroponics while watching the Vikings under perform.  It’s weird to me that so many different combinations of players and coaches can yield similar results.

Kate had a busy, tough weekend.  But she’s on the flipside now.

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