Winter (snow, at last!)                           First Moon of the New Year

OK.  I stayed up until midnight.  Now what?

Another year.  Didn’t we just do this last year?  The whole new year’s thing.

Kate and I shared champagne flutes of a Fre sparkling wine, toasted her retirement, our family and friends, the next year together, our 22nd as a married couple and then she went to bed, she who usually goes to be around 8pm stayed up until 11:30.

We watched a Netflix streaming movie, Mao’s Last Dancer, a so so movie about a Chinese ballet dancer who chose to stay in the US after a year with the Houston Ballet.  This was the mid-80’s.  The movie barely makes sense in current time.  China’s much different, more confident and we’re much different, less confident.

So, Happy New Year to each of you and all of you, all at once!

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