Imbolc                                          Garden Planning Moon

Students from St. Matthew’s School in St. Paul.  The first group was willing to go with my plan for contemporary art.  There were several very interested, engaged students.  We looked at the Mushroom photo exhibit, the Highpoint Print Co-op show and the Shackleton photograph paintings in the MAEP gallery.  We also went into the contemporary world gallery where the students loved the works.

The second group had more particular ideas so we saw the Buddha, the mummy, a Grecian amphora and kalyx, the Tatra, the wind vanes and the flintlock rifles.  It was a strange tour but the kids loved it.  They had studied Buddhism, Egypt and Greece in social studies.  The rest were individual interests.

Both groups loved the museum.  Felt very good.  Reinforced my decision to keep doing this work.

(this print I bought today.  Florence Brahmer.  The Temperaments:  Flammable)

Over to Highpoint again.  One of the prints had been calling to me since I passed it up on Monday.  I went back over and bought it after the tours.