Imbolc                              Garden Planning Moon

Sheepshead.  Another good evening.  Bill Schmidt brought a Regina (his wife) made cake and there was a candle, too.  I made a wish.  Not granted.  I wanted better cards in the last half of the night.

(the perfect sheepshead hand)

I did learn something about being over 65, you can blame every mistake on age.  This will come in handy.

My cards were in the middle, some good hands well played, some good hands not so well played and a bunch of 7, 8, & 9’s,  Had better nights at cards, but the evening was special.  I’m still the youngest guy in the room.

My tour was a bit odd, but the lecture with David Little for the Sports Show was very good.  I’m getting excited about doing the show.  My current plan is to take attention as my theme.  Not sure if that will work.  The show opened tonight, so I’ll have a chance to go see  it later.

My energy level was fine today after coming home from the museum.  Can’t figure what all that was. I hope it’s passed now.



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