Disjointed, Disoriented, Virused

Written By: Charles - Feb• 19•12

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Wow.  Didn’t notice I made no posts yesterday.  How time flies when you take a sub-woofer out for repair, come back, take a nap, throw yourself into a workout, finish the movie The Eagle, eat pizza and go to bed.

Now I was ready to head off to bed without another post.

Oh, yeah.  Now I remember.  All day yesterday my computers had an attack of keyboard non-recognition.  Tried all my tricks.  No joy.  Then I decided to run anti-viral/anti-malware software on their long scans.  Found a bug on one, two on the other.  Weird.  Same day.  Same problem.  Different virus.  Put them away and voila, the keyboard works!

Certain amount of satisfaction in solving the problem.

Today business meeting, a trip out to Barnes and Noble, first time I’ve been in a physical bookstore in a long, long time.  Kate and I picked up computer self-help books, then had lunch at Texas Roadhouse.  Seemed like a good idea at the time, but my tummy complained.

A distracting time since Thursday, really, since I had a full day at the MIA then and sheepshead that night, then a walk through the next morning, the subwoofer on Saturday morning and business meeting this morning.  Mornings are my prime work time.  Leaves me feeling disoriented, disjointed to miss so many in a row.

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