Bee Protein and Surge Protection

Spring                                                                        Bee Hiving Moon

Pollen patties came today. (see right) I’ll be out with the bees tomorrow, weather permitting.  They need the pollen patties for protein which they can’t yet find in adequate supply.  That means the season will have well and truly begun.

To add to that sense we had, as we might expect in late April or early May, thunderstorms this morning around 5 am.  They woke the dogs, who began barking, barking, barking.  Well, I had to get up anyway to shut down our complement of electronic devices, so I let the dogs out.

I’ve been shutting down computers and modems and routers for 18 years and have never had a problem.  My suspicion is that this is something I no longer need to do; but, like an old hoss, I always follow the path to the barn.  Even though the barn got pulled down years ago.

When we first moved in, I had the electrician install surge protectors in the main junction box to forestall any lightning caused jump in current from frying our computers.  He thought this was the silliest idea, but I was paying so he did it anyhow.  That’s why I say I think I no longer need to do it.  Those surge protectors are still lit up after all these years.

The route in that’s not protected is the cable from the cable junction box which sits at the northeastern edge of our property line.  If a lightning bolt hit it, that could fry the modem and the routers.  Again, never a problem.


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