Step Outside

Spring                                                    Bee Hiving Moon

Boy, have you caught the sliver moon with Venus above it and Jupiter below?  Soon there will be tulips and crocus and snow drops.  The magnolia already lights up our patio.  A soft torch of white burning quietly.  Round Lake just a quarter mile from our house looks great right at sunset and in the dark with stars and the moon reflecting in it.

The climate may be playing havoc with the seasons but the inescapable beauty of the natural world remains.

Keats may have stretched it a bit, but not too far.  Truth is beauty.

The good news here is that no .5%’er will ever corner the market on sliver moons or magnolia blossoms or reflections in that pond near your house.  These, the original art works, the masterpieces of our everyday world, belong to the commons.  All we have to do is step outside.

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