School Days, School Days

Spring                                                          Bee Hiving Moon

Second and last class tonight in InDesign, a text and image formatting program by Adobe that I plan to use for designing my own e-books to sell to Amazon.  Not sure how far I got with this program, but enough to get started anyhow.

For the first time, this was my sixth evening at Champlain high school, there were students around. Band practice, I don’t know what else.  For some reason I got a sense then of students as a river, flowing through a school, the individuals changing, but the river always moving, filled with water.  In the train of that thought came a wondering about teachers related to the river.

Kate took an Excel class tonight at Blaine High School.  She says she learned a lot.

Education always cranks me up, gets my energy working.  It was true tonight.

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