Two Little Peppers and How They Grew

34  bar steep rise 30.05  2mph W  Windchill 31  Samhain

Last Quarter of the Dark Moon

The big news!  I have two peppers emerging in my  hydroponic garden.  That means the fertilizing I’ve done has succeeded.  This is the first fruits I’ve been able to coax out of the hydroponics.  But, not the last.

More time on the forest’s edge.  Whacking down tall weeds, cutting down acacia new growth, a little pruning and general clearing.  One more major project before laying down the plastic and mulch:  cut up, move and burn a tangle of vines, small trees and branches cast off during a clearing operation in this area last fall.

Working outside when it’s cool appeals to me.  The work heats me up and I can strip down to whatever level of clothing fits.