One-Hour Thanksgiving Meal

21  bar steady 30.04  0mph NNW  windchill 21  Samhain

New Moon (Moon of the Long Nights)

Kate produced a wonderful, one-hour Thanksgiving meal.  Cornbread stuffing, turkey breast with a chili-rub and an herbal seasoning under the skin, mashed potatoes, our own green beans (canned) and sweated mushroom gravy. She explained sweated, but it passed over my head.  I was already in to the green beans and the cornbread stuffing.

Tomorrow she wants to watch the Macy’s Parade because of her home town of Nevada, Iowa will have a horse team in it, someone her sister, BJ, knows.  Pretty exciting.

I’m going to try an earlier bedtime again.  Surely I can reset my body clock.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

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