Time Slows, Becomes Sacred

25  93%  26%  0mph  NNW bar 30.05 steady  windchill25  Yuletide

                        The Full Cold Moon

Go now, Christ’s Mass has ended.  This day devoted, on the one hand, to the infant who would become a world changer, and, on the other, to a joyful orgy of celebration, much like the Roman Saturnalia, comes to an end in 45 minutes.  It came and went without the usual hullabaloo here and that seemed to keep the whole season leading up to today calmer, less stressful, especially for Kate.  A good thing.

I have felt few tugs of nostalgia for a tree, presents, even the gathering of family which I now associate with birthdays and trips to Colorado and Thanksgiving more than with Christmas.  This all helps me refocus on the Yuletide and, now, on the Useless Days at the end of the year.

Time continues to go slow, snow comes down, as it has all day; and, the long dark has 3 more days yet to run before the sun once again stays a bit longer, headed toward spring and the glories of summer.

Kate and Anne and I ate dinner at Sofitel.


It was a pleasant way to spend a holiday meal.  It also meant Anne had to drive only half as far as when she comes to our house.   The top Kate wore came from Singapore via my sister Mary.  Mary’s hard at work right now putting together the literature review on her doctoral dissertation.  Not big fun, but necessary.

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