A Quiet Christmas Eve

16  88%  23%  0mph E  bar 29.99 falls  windchill16   Winter

                           The Full Cold Moon

Lydia brought some gifts over from the Perlicks, a bottle of wine and two first day covers and whole sheets of stamps, Kate’s with a dreidel and mine with Dell Superheroes.  Got us pegged.

Finally, I’ve found a combination of Core Performance workouts that combine strength training, flexibility and balance with demanding cardiovascular.  Feels good to have a solid base and now a new workout.

Kate and I ate a nutrisystem dinner, read for a couple of hours, then she went off to bed. 

We’re due for more snow on Thursday and Friday.  The ole snowblower’s getting a workout and we haven’t even the new year.  This snow fall was light and fluffy, powder.  A pure joy to blow and shovel. 

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