Vacated. Returned.

Spring                                                                        Bloodroot Moon

Vacated, now returned, back in my regular work space.  Feels good. 11th and E street, the Hotel Harrington and the Penn Quarter coalescing into memory.  I doubt I’ll ever travel for a particular art exhibition again, though I’m glad I went this time.

Why?  Crowds.  I like quiet time with art, non jostling, personal time.  Time to dig in and look, really look and not feel like I need to give someone else their turn.  Then, too, I like time in between, away from the art, then going back, looking again.  These big shows actively work against close encounters.  I know this from my work with the Louvre, Rembrandt, Terracotta Warriors.

(Lady of Shallot, William Holman Hunt)

The trip did accomplish its purpose.  Remember my OMG am I doing enough entry a couple of days ago?  My purpose was to get a sense of how my life with art might unfold after I leave the MIA for good.  I see it now, at least a place to start.  It means a study program over several years in the Renaissance, Enlightenment, Romanticism and the whole Modern(-ism)(-ity)(post-) bundle with the occasional excursion into the history of science and perhaps fin de siecle Europe, all with the intention of integrating my interest in the pre-Raphaelites, Aesthetes, Symbolists into the larger movements of cultural forces over the Modern and pre-Modern era.  Ambitious?  Yes, but what’s life for?

The trip accomplished a second, unintended purpose, too.  I gotta go on vacation with no purpose at all.  That’s next.

Right now it’s back to revising Missing and reviewing my Latin for Friday.


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