That Shoulder Thing

Spring                                                                       Planting Moon

A Vikings jersey #4 with Favre written on it hung in the corridor.  There were other jerseys too not any one I recognized.  Kate found me a shoulder doc and this was a sports medicine clinic.  And here I was.  #66.

The shoulder quieted down after three weeks of rest and return to resistance work has not caused it to flare again so this appointment didn’t seem as urgent as when I first made it.  Still, I wanted to know what was going on and what I might do if it got problematic again.

The short answer.  Aging body.  Maybe some nerve impingement from arthritis in the neck.  Maybe some tear in my rotator cuff.  At my age 20-30% have some.  Maybe some asymmetry from the polio long years ago.  After several x-rays there was no sign of arthritis in my shoulder area.  “The bones are healthy, especially for someone your age.”

I have “an open invitation” for an MRI and further imaging to run down with some certainty the rotator cuff and nerve involvement, but there’s nothing that can be done about them now.  So I passed on the imaging for the moment.

A bit of physical therapy, maybe two sessions.

Got what I wanted.  Nothing immediately urgent or long term important going on.  It may never flare again.  If not, all to the good.  If it does, I’ll take Dr. Lervick up on his invitation and see him again.

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