Walking Upright in the World

Spring                                                                         Planting Moon

Let me describe, before it gets away from me, submerged in the always been, how exciting and uplifting it was to realize I was walking across the floor at Carlson Toyota.  Just walking.  Putting one foot in front of the other.  No flinching, no torquing to keep things stable.  Just. Walking.

When we return to normalcy after a period of illness or trauma, there is a transition period, a time of grace if we take it, which can offer us a reminder about the wonder of the every day.  To walk across a floor with no pain, to walk as one is used to doing.  So powerful.

In fact, I took as my motto Walking Upright in the World reflecting back on the fact that I had to relearn to walk at the age of 2 and honoring that 2 year old guy for the gift of a normal, usually unregarded capacity to do that.

So much of what we do is really a wonder.  Take grasping and holding.  Typing on a keyboard.  Lifting objects from the ground to over our heads.  Breathing.  Yes, think about breathing.  Only to inhale is not enough to sustain life.

Sitting.  Standing.  Eating.  All wonders, wonders often, perhaps usually, revealed only when they disappear from our repertoire either temporally or permanently.

So take a moment today and celebrate the walk.  The jump.  The high five.  The low bow.