Spring       New Moon (Seed Moon)

This year’s vegetable garden, part of it anyhow, continues to grow under the lights.  We’re still eating onions and garlic from last year’s crop and this year we plan to have even more stored food.  Of course, we’ve had  canned tomatoes, cucumbers, relish and jelly for several years.  Kate’s got the Iowa farm kitchen thing goin’ on.

Speaking of Kate, she got her first commission for a quilt this week.  A woman liked her work on a memorial quilt for a four-year old who died suddenly and asked her if she would make a quilt for her daughter commemorating her soft ball team.  She’s apparently played with these same girls since junior high or so.  Kate’s got a big heart and she’s done two quilts recently, the memorial quilt and a quilt for a colleague with multiple myeloma that involved many, many hearts signed by his friends and patients that show it.

She’s a crafty lady. Kate makes shirts, dresses, bags from felt and cloth, cans, cooks like a gourmet and is a mean hand with a trowel.  Not to mention that medical thing.

The dogs have begun to lobby for lunch.  I’m gonna feed them and then go the grocery store myself.

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