Ordinary Catastrophes

Spring            New Moon (Seed Moon)

My preparation for sheepshead foundered on two factors:  1.  I could not discipline myself to count points and keep track of trump.  I tended to lapse back into not counting.  2.  I had poor hands and bad luck in addition.  A tough combination to overcome.  Still, I can learn. I’m sure.

Two tours tomorrow then over the weekend I will have time to work on setting up my new Gateway.  Must be the way guys used to feel when they went out to the garage to work on the car.

Busy Busy Busy.  Not enough time to blog. Good tours today.  Interested kids and chaperons.  Ate lunch with three docent friends between tours.  One woman has a daughter on the east coast who just gave birth after a dangerous operation to remove a benign growth on her liver that could, the doctors felt, hemorrhage during the pregnancy.  Mother and baby are doing fine, but the birth, just this weekend was a long affair and left grandma tired.  This was in DC.  Meanwhile in LA a second daughter has begun another round of chemo to take down some metastases from the lung cancer she developed, at 31, last year.  She’s a non-smoker.

Grandma seems exhausted, strong but emotionally wasted.

Came home and took a two hour nap.  Now ready for the treadmill.

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