The Sixties in 2015

Mabon                                                                                Elk Rut Moon

Drove to the base of Shadow Mountain, maybe 3 miles from home. A small business, Grow Your Own, a hydroponics supplier and winery, sponsors live music certain late afternoons. The Brian Del Mar Band played yesterday. Bryan is to the front left. This is a Yes tribute band so the music was familiar to me only as genre. They did throw in a few others: Beatles, Creedence, but mostly they stuck to Yes. I guess.

The atmosphere was definitely sixties, only sixties in 2015. So lots of gray hair on stage and off. I told Kate it felt like we were living in a distributed assisted living setting. Which, come to think of it, might be a good thing. In spite of the photos I captured of these aging hippies, we were having a good time.


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