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Mabon                                                                    Elk Rut Moon

Unboxed most of my art yesterday. So good to see the prints, paintings, maps and photographs again. Most have been boxed since about a year ago this time. That’s a long to time to go without seeing old friends. I’ve never been sure of the role art plays in my life, just that it’s a big one.

Over the next week or two we’ll get the garage in shape, moving the last things up into storage spots, making work tables, starting up the freezer. When that’s done, shelving from up here in the loft, no longer needed thanks to the wonderful shelving Jon has put up will have a second, really third, life. I’ll move many of the bankers boxes remaining up here down into the garage.

When they’re down and the wire shelving is up for the ones that will stay, the work up here will be close to done. Jon’s making a top for the art cart and walnut shelving for the lower units, the pull-up bar needs to get hung and I believe I need to put a thick rubber mat under the treadmill. Too much bounce when I hit the 10 second, fast as I can run mark in my workout.

Kate’s thumb surgery is Friday. That means a change in the cooking, grocery shopping detail. One I’m looking forward to. In true third phase fashion we’ll swap caretaking chores. Oddly, my recovery from prostate surgery will have been faster, by a lot, than her thumb procedure. It’s been a medical year so far.


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