Beltane                                                                   Moon of the Summer Solstice

go-go girls: Gertie in the foreground, Rigel in back
go-go girls: Gertie in the foreground, Rigel in back

Gertie. A rascal, a little ornery dog. On Monday, when I went to Littleton to pick up my new reading glasses, I took the go-go girls, Rigel and Gertie, with me. Like most dogs they like to stick their heads out the window, let the wind blow their hair, take in the smell-o-rama wafting toward them. Now that it’s summer we put the windows down for them.

However. Having not yet learned to lock the windows (me), I looked at the right outside mirror while stopped at a light. Huh. Gertie had her front feet draped over the window, hanging on the outside of the car. Then. Huh? Gertie vaulted herself out of the car and onto Deer Creek Canyon Road. OMG! I opened my door to go get her, willing to suffer whatever the folks behind threw at me. Before I could get out, she trotted around the front of the car, came to me when I called her and I pulled her back inside. All this while the light was still red.

She had stepped on the electric window button and lowered the window all by herself. I could have anticipated this. But I didn’t. She’s turned on the air conditioning, set the emergency lights blinking and kicked the car out of gear. Now I lock the windows when the go-go girls are in the car.

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