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Beltane                                                                        Moon of the Summer Solstice

Low solar efficiency in April
Low solar efficiency in April

Actions have consequences. Putting up the solar panels means we have to pay attention to those things that impair our efficiency. Last month’s electric bill was $10.28, but pine pollen has coated the panels again and is reducing production. No rain forecast, so I’m going to get up on the roof with a hose (what could go wrong?) and wash them off myself.

The rains of the past few weeks have also grown a nice crop of fuel in the back so Kate’s going to take to the lawn mower. We have to keep the fuel mown down to less than 6″. Kate’s also been prettying up the garden beds around the house, satisfying her dig in the soil and make things grow need. Looks nice.

Finding a contractor to wash and reseal the wood siding for the garage and the shed is a next task. Bids. Something I want to get done before the summer is over. And the garage itself needs clearing out, as I’ve mentioned.

Rigel had two teeth pulled yesterday during a dental visit to Sano hospital. She’s doing well this morning although last night she woke Kate up with her barking.

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