Nothing Easy

Written By: Charles - Jun• 17•16

Beltane                                                           Moon of the Summer Solstice

Ah. The divorce has moved on to more sane grounds. Looks like Jon and Jen may be able to work out their differences. There’s nothing easy about divorce, having done it twice. It involves pain and rupture, the death of love, moving, lawyers, the legal system. Kids have no power and get confused, angry. Just like the adults only worse.

No truly amicable path leads out of a marriage. But. When the two former lovers and friends can agree on something more than their mutual pain, like the ongoing well-being of their children, or the need for both to leave the marriage intact and able to pursue a new life, then sensible decisions can get made. Lives zippered together can slowly separate, ease out of the old and into the new.

I can see this process beginning to unfold for Jon and Jen, Ruth and Gabe. It makes me glad, for a long, acrimonious struggle enervates everyone involved and makes the next phase of life even more difficult than it needs to be. Still a long time ahead for this family, but I’m hopeful now.

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