Making Things

Lugnasa                                                                      Superior Moon

As the weather cools down, the work level goes up for this former Minnesotan. One thing Kate and I have always agreed on is that cool is better than hot. How much cool, not always, but temps trending down, but not up? Delightful. And so it is here right now. 40 this morning at 7:00 am. Orion, too, rises with the morning sky, bringing with him the change toward fall.

Yesterday was busy. Writing: ancientrails, Superior Wolf, Reimagining Faith. Workout. Into Denver for Wednesday dinner and art with the grandkids. After eating at Minnesota’s own Famous Dave’s restaurant, we went back to Montview Elementary and made prints.

Here are a few photos of the experience.



jon's found objects
jon’s found objects
mointview gabe
Gabe inking up an object to print
Ruth printing her spoon
Ruth printing her spoon
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