Another, Wouldn’t Find in This Minnesota Post: Living with Lions

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Caution: Living with Lions

Deputy Janie Gonda from Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office · 54m ago
Photo from Deputy Janie Gonda

Recently, neighbors in your area have reported mountain lion sightings or encounters. This can be a dangerous and frightening situation. With the increased cold weather many animals are preparing to survive through the winter. Help us and Colorado Parks and Wildlife by being diligent to protect yourselves, your children and your pets/ livestock.

To reduce the risk of problems with mountain lions on or near your property, we urge you to follow these precautions:

1. Place livestock in enclosed sheds or barns at night. Close doors to all outbuildings since inquisitive lions may go inside for a look.

2. Make lots of noise if you come and go during the times mountain lions are most active: dusk to dawn.

3. Install outside lighting. Light areas where you walk so you could see a lion if one were present.

4. Closely supervise children whenever they play outdoors. Make sure children are inside before dusk and not outside before dawn. Talk with children about lions and teach them what to do if they meet one.

5. Planting non-native shrubs and plants that deer often prefer to eat encourages wildlife to come onto your property. Predators follow prey. Don’t feed any wildlife!

6. Encourage your neighbors to follow these simple precautions. Prevention is far better than a possible lion confrontation.

To read more on living in mountain lion country, or what to do in the case of an attack, please visit the link below:…

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