Spring and the Mesa View Moon

Saturday gratefuls: Dreams. Dreamers. Dave. Wandering around. Aimless. Seeing more people, more often. Turned off my alarm. Warmer weather. Another 8 inches of Snow. Melting. The Colorado way. Baku F1. Ritual. Even the smallest ones have meaning. Anytime fitness. The dream of the white tomb.

Sparks of Joy and Awe: Dreams and Dreamers and Dreaming

One brief, shining moment: Dreams rise and fall with the tides of our inner life, washing up on our sleeping shores, treasure from the great ocean of the collective unconscious, bearing gifts if only we can remember, if only we can understand.


Joined a dream work group led by a member of CBE. But the first rule of dream work group is you don’t talk about dream work group. Confidentiality. Yet, I can talk about my own dream. Here it is:


3/25  The Dream of the White Tomb

My body, in a white coffin on what looked like a white box top turned upside down slid down a snowy hill, coming to rest at the hotel where I was staying. I went around asking people what I should do with my body. “Do you have fifteen minutes to talk about a funeral?”

It was clear to me that it was my body in the coffin. As clear as it also was that “I” was the one wondering what to do with it.


We discussed this dream for an hour using the group’s other rule: Only speak in first person. Someone would say, if this were my dream, I would see… Or, in my projection I would wonder who the other guests were in the hotel? Did I know them? In other words no interpreting the dream for the dreamer.

The group also can ask clarifying questions. Could you  say more about the box top? It was like the lid of a gift box, shiny white paper over cardboard. Could you see your body in the coffin? No. I just knew it was in there. Or, they can also make observations. I’m struck by how much white there is in the dream.

It’s a fascinating way to drift in and out of yourself and in and out of another person’s dream content. The discussion went on for an hour. When it shifted to another dreamer’s dream, I found it hard to not say your dream suggests… The leader, Irene, gently reminded me. “I” Silently, mouthing it. I’ll get it, I’m sure.

As I’ve tumbled over what others said, what I learned, it seems this dream suggests it’s time to bury my old life and start living my new one. I related in the group about O’Donoughue’s  threshold idea. My ideas for a ritual. The moment is upon me. This month of Iyar, the month of the light, the first days of  May, after Kate’s second yahrzeit. Soon I will cross the threshold in a ritual of some sort.


Luke’s coming up today. Gonna make Rommertopf chicken with potatoes, carrots, pearl onions. It will be good to see Luke and Leo, his goofy dog.