Beltane                                      Full Planting Moon

Sheepshead tonight.  We get in lots of jokes and laughing during the game.  The best story came from Dick Rice, who says he got it from a relative of Flannery O’Connor.  He told it in response to Bill mentioning Vega and the rabbit.

This guy’s dog brought home the neighbors pet rabbit, a pet she prized.  The rabbit was dead and the guy felt embarrassed, wasn’t sure quite what to do, so he wiped off the rabbit, washed it off in the sink and dried it carefully with a towel.  His neighbor had not come home from work at this point, so he snuck over to her house.  In her backyard he carefully took the now clean, but obviously still dead, rabbit and placed it in the house she had built for it.

The next day he saw her crying and went over to her yard.

“Oh, my.  You’ll never believe what happened!” she said, tears streaming down her face.

“What?  What happened?” he said.

“Well, my rabbit died the other day and I buried her in the backyard, but somehow she came back and ended up in her house again.”

True or not, it’s a great story.